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With our batteries fully recharged after the Christmas break, the team at Livorno is raring to go with new projects for 2007.  The first of these is a thorough inspection of our member database to ensure that it is as up to date and therefore as useful as possible to members.

In this regard we would like to invite all individual members as well as the Main Contact Persons in each member company to access the relevant areas on the IFRF webpage and check the correctness of their individual data, and in the case of MCP’s of the data relating to company members.  Please email all changes to us and we will undertake to do the updates in double quick time!

As well as updating basic contact information, members might also like to take this opportunity to visit http://www.exchange.ifrf.net  to update their areas of expertise.  The IFRF Members Expertise Exchange is a virtual community which offers one of the most immediate and tangible benefits of IFRF membership: the possibility to network amongst fellow members and find the resources and information you need for personal or career growth.  Register now and prepare to help others or be helped!

The IFRF website has been updated with the contact details of the new IFRF offices and you can find the link at http://www.ifrf.net/contact_info.html and http://www.ifrf.net/staff/ .

This in fact is the first step towards a comprehensive relook at the website we are planning for 2007,  with a view to making it more useful and user friendly for members.

If you have any problems or queries about accessing your information, don’t hesitate to contact us, WE’RE HERE TO HELP!