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IFRF was for many years one of the reference providers for in-flame measurement instruments.  IFRF probes are still used in many companies all around the world and their effectiveness and reliability are well known. 

IFRF traditionally manufactured various types of probes to investigate the characteristics of industrial flames.  Examples are total heat flux and ellipsoidal heat flux probes for flame total and radiative heat fluxes measurement, standard pyrometers and high temperature pyrometers for temperature characterization, sampling probes for gas and particulate analysis, 5 hole pitots and LDV probes for velocity measurements.

In view of the increasing need for more and more detailed data coming from combustion mathematical modelers, IFRF has begun a process of revising all their instrumentation designs in order to redesign those items where the proven effectiveness of the traditional probes could be linked to the advantages of new technologies.  This has resulted in the development of prototype probes as well as improvements on systems for in flame measurements already available on the market.

IFRF Probe tips medium.jpg

IFRF probes tips

At the present moment IFRF is once again active in the manufacture of a line of instruments which can address many of the requirements of the combustions investigator.  Below is a list of those already available for sale:

  • Suction pyrometers: Probes for in-flame temperature measurements – available in different sizes
  • Sampling probes: Probes for sampling gases or solid matter inside the flame – available with different tips
  • Nitrogen species sampling probes: Special probes with a quartz tip used to sample gases with higher accuracy
  • Total Heat Flux Radiometers: Probes for the measurement of the total heat flux incident upon the walls of the combustion chamber
  • Ellipsoidal Radiometers: Probes for the measurement of the radiative heat flux incident upon the walls of the combustion chamber from a hemisphere.

All of these probes can be tailor made to suit specific requirements.

For more information about the new generation of IFRF probes, please contact Giovanni CoraggioIFRF Members have a special 20% price discount!

Pyrometer shields different sizes.jpg

IFRF suction pyrometer shields