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Last week VGB Powertech, Member of the IFRF German Flame Research Committee, the DVV, hosted the 5th Review Meeting of the EC co-funded research programme PowerFlam2, at their headquarters in Essen Germany. PowerFlam2, coordinated by British Flame Member, Cardiff University, is the second ongoing International, power generation related research progamme, in which the IFRF is presently participating (see article last week on the CafeNOx programme).

PowerFlam2 is a multi-partner, international Research Programme entitled:

Studies of Fuel Blend Properties in Boilers and Simulation Rigs to Increase Biomass and Bio-waste Materials used for Co-firing in Pulverised Coal Fired Boilers

The PowerFlam2 Research Programme is co-funded by the European Commission under Contract Number: NNE5/2001/907. The Programme commenced operations officially on 1st January 2003 and is thus in its third year.

The nine Participants are:

  • University of Wales Cardiff, (Programme Coordination), UK
  • VGB PowerTech ev, Germany
  • Electricité de France
  • ENEL – Produzione – Ricerca, Italy
  • Laborelec/Electrabel, Belgium
  • Institute of Power Engineering, Poland
  • TU Clausthal, Germany
  • University of Glamorgan, Wales
  • The IFRF

Further details of the participants, objectives with an outline of the programme are presented in the open domain section of the PowerFlam2 website at:


Details of progress and the documents produced are presently available only to PowerFlam2 Participants and their registered representatives.  Information of the programme deliverables and the first level document Library are available to IFRF Individual Members with their regular IFRF authentication User Name and Password.