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The IFRF would like to thank all who participated in “Clean Industrial Fuel Utilization”,  the technical course held in Poland last week.  We are particularly grateful to the IFRF’s course coordinator Professor Klaus Hein and to Professor Bialecki and his team at the Silesian University of Technology, who provided the organisational backup. 

From all accounts, the course was well received.  Delegates included some 30 individuals from industrial companies and academic institutes across Europe, and an IFRF member organisation from Canada was also represented.  Whilst feedback questionnaires are still being completed and returned to the IFRF offices, some initial comments were gathered during today for MNM.  Amongst these:

“Thank you for organizing a really comprehensive course in Gliwice, Poland, that managed to bridge from basic engineering topics such as “combustion aerodynamics” or “radiative heat transfer” to advanced applications e.g. in Prof. Strömberg’s, Dr. Pasini’s and Dr. Vehlow’s presentations.”


“Everything was well organised and lectures were interesting.  Very good trip to Lagisza Power Plant (equipped with CFB boiler) with excellent guide on the site.  Moreover, excellent lunches and dinners:)”

as well as

“many people, good hosts, good org, good weather and food … “

We will say more about this and future IFRF courses in another issue of MNM

Meanwhile, a crop of photos has been kindly provided by Ida Mann, one of the delegates, and can viewed here