• Oxy-Coal Combustion with Flue Gas Recycle For the Power Generation Industry

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CO2 capture and sequestration technologies will be a necessity for coal based power generation in the medium and long term future. In the recent years enormous R&D activities have been initiated. The activities can be categorised by three major approaches namely:

  • Pre-combustion capture or fuel decarbonisation (e.g. via gasification using the water-shift reaction to produce H2 and CO2)
  • Combustion with nitrogen-free comburent such as oxy-fuel and chemical-looping combustion, wherein combustion products consist mainly of CO2 and water vapour.
  • Post-combustion capture with CO2 separation from flue gas (e.g. using amine scrubbing).

Oxy-coal combustion is considered as the most direct method for CO2-capture and as an attractive choice with regard to efficiency and costs. However oxy-coal combustion requires the redesign of the furnace, as the combustion of coal only with oxygen would result in temperatures, which would be technically not feasible.

The IFRF report is a thorough review of industrial and research activities on oxy-coal combustion. It is the intention of the report to support current and future developments by publishing the state of knowledge.

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An abstract is placed in the open domain at this URL.