• Orbital Gas Systems: Sponsor of IFRF’s TOTeM 44

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IFRF is very grateful to Orbital Gas Systems for its generous sponsorship of last week’s TOTeM 44 on ‘Gaseous fuels for industry and power generation: challenges and opportunities’.

orbital.pngOrbital Gas Systems, part of Orbital Global Solutions, was formed in 1984 with the aim of delivering unique and comprehensive solutions within the upstream oil and gas industry.  Over the last 30 years, Orbital has developed innovative new technologies and diversified into new marketplaces including process, energy, environmental, petrochemical and safety.  Its experience includes large projects worth over $30 million, national and international turnkey projects and contract management, and 24/7 technical and service support.

In 2013, Orbital became part of the CUI Global group of companies, enabling it to further expand as an international organisation – it now has offices in the USA and the UK, and representation in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Orbital Gas Systems

Orbital manufactures gas quality sampling and measurement equipment for natural gas and related industries. The four main products are:

  • Gas sampling probes and gas conditioning:  Sampling equipment comprises a patented sampling probe (Vortex Elimination), process double block and vent valves, gas filtering, preheating, pressure reduction and final flow and pressure control prior to gas analyser interfacing. Small volume, constant diameter flowpath and electropolished sample line result in accurate and fast sample delivery.
  • Thermowells:  Patented thermowell designs that eliminate vortex-induced vibration, eliminating the need for wake calculations.  Reduced wall thickness to improve temperature response time.
  • GasPTi gas properties transmitter:  GasPTi integrates gas sampling, conditioning and analysis in one device to provide accurate and fast response data for CV, RD, Wobbe, Z, MN, MON, etc.  T90 is typically less than 10 seconds at less than ±0.5% CV error.
  • Integrated measurement solutions:  Orbital work with a growing number of analyser manufacturers who recognise the superior performance of Orbital technology to provide true gas sampling for trace measurement of difficult analytes such as hydrogen sulphide and mercury.

Orbital has a long history of developing innovative, integrated solutions and products for the upstream gas sector including odorisation systems, high-pressure metering skids, telemetry systems, gas analyser kiosks and biomethane gas clean-up cubicles.

More information and contact details can be found at http://orbitalgas.com/.