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OnQuest Canada, formerly Born Canada, provides design, engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction supervision for furnace and process plant projects in both greenfield and revamp situations. 

OnQuest has performed successful furnace designs and supplied world-class direct-fired heaters and associated equipment to premier refiners, and petrochemical companies in Canada, the United States, and around the world for the last 28 years. 
OnQuest has remarkable technical depth in the process design of fired heaters and burner management systems.  OnQuest has won numerous projects due to providing a superior technical design, increased performance and efficiencies, and reduced capital and operational costs.  This technical expertise includes providing clients with critically important site support services such as construction supervision, inspection, start-up, and commissioning services.
OnQuest’s combustion engineers are familiar with a full range of applications for direct-fired heaters, including:
•         Low- & Ultra-Low NOx Burners
•         Air Pre-Heaters
•         Burner Management Systems
•         Charge Heaters
•         Coker Furnaces
•         Crude Cracking Heaters
•         CO Boilers
•         EDC Crackers
•         Incinerators
•         Platformers
•         Selective Catalytic Reduction Units
•         Steam Reformers
•         Sulfur Recovery Units
•         Superheaters
•         Thermal Oxidizers
•         Venturi Scrubbers
•         Waste Heat Recovery Systems