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The Combura symposium is the major annual event in the Netherlands for the exchange of information on combustion research and its practical applications. This year it was held for the 12th time, so already providing all parties in combustion research a very valuable discussion platform for over a decade now.

We started this conference with a very interesting key-note lecture on the changing energy mix and the consequences of these changes for grid managers and power generation industry by Dick van der Vecht and Frederik Serne of GDF Suez. This presentation already set the tone on the main subject in combustion currently: more stringent environmental legislation combined with a broad spectrum of energy sources and dynamic demands. A subject which dominated almost all presentations during the two days.

The morning session was followed up by a special session on the Clean Combustion Concepts program. A program that aims to support industry in the development of clean and efficient combustion technology (http://www.cleancombustionconcepts.nl). The program is a cooperation of the universities of Eindhoven, Twente, Delft, and Groningen. Furthermore, 14 industrial partners and knowledge institutes are involved in the program. The presentations showed the results of the eight programs from the past years.
The impressions of the first day were enough to fire up discussions that lasted all evening and well into the night.  Supported by some drinks and a very nice dinner.

NVV officers 2013 v2.jpg

From left to right: Giel Rameakers, NVV Treasurer; Joris Koomen, NVV Secretary, Pepijn Pronk NVV Chairman

The second day was kicked off by Tomasz Klajny, operations manager of the IFRF. Presenting his view on the future of the IFRF and also showing the added value of a IFRF membership. The key-note was followed up by parallel sessions on Industrial research, Flame chemistry, Engines and fuels and Other combustion research. In these sessions a great mix of industry, research institutes and universities showed their progress and started discussions on future research.

NVV officers 2 2013 2.jpg

Joris Koomen and Mara Wustmans (winner of the NVV Combustion Award 2013)

One of the highlights of the second day was the presentation of the NVV (Dutch association for flame research) Combustion Award for the best master thesis in the field of combustion. This year it was awarded to Mara Wustmans for her work on Thermophosphors as a probe for surface temperature measurements. Mara received a cheque of a 1000 € and also was given the chance to present her work. She gave a great presentation and really presented herself as an excellent researcher with a pragmatic approach. In addition to the award for the best master thesis, additional prices were awarded to the best posters. These prices were sponsored by the Dutch section of the Combustion institute.