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This week, the IFRF  publishes a new report relating to the High Efficiency Combustion (HEC) Project.  This report will be a prelude to two other reports to be published within this year for the HEC-EEC Project.

IFRF Document No. G108/y/1


René H Hekkens*

G108/y/1 is the first of two reports dealing with the CFD modelling of a high temperature furnace fired by a pair of compact regenerative burners operating in the ‘flameless’ mode. The report describes the configuration and validation of two isothermal CFD models used to simulate:

  • The air and fuel flows through one of a pair of NFK compact regenerative burners operating in a ‘flameless ‘ mode
  • The flow and mixing taking place in the IFRF’s HEC furnace when fired with the above burner

A detailed description of the physics of the model and the sub-models deployed by the author is presented. The CFD output has been validated against isothermal Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) measurements made on the IFRF’s HEC furnace (See IFRF Report F108/y/1). Further details of the furnace and burner geometry are available in the HEC Planning report (D108/y/1) and the HEC Furnace Commissioning reports (C108/y/1 and C108/y/2). All the HEC reports are available to IFRF members as downloads from:


* René H Hekkens is a member of staff of CORUS RD&T and is co-operating as a member of the IFRF High Efficiency Combustion Team.