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We take great pleasure in announcing two additions to the Research Station Staff at IJmuiden.

In mid-November Simon Leiser joined the International Scientific and Technical Staff team at IJmuiden. In the summer Simon completed six months research access at the Research Station organised through the EuroFlam programme. He followed this with an extensive trip to India and has now agreed to undertake a short term contract concentrating upon solid fuel characterisation using the IFRF Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor.

Today Jan Kensen rejoined the Support Staff team at IJmuiden, as Technical Co-ordinator. Jan is no stranger to the IFRF. For a number of years he was the “Furnace House Foreman”.

Both Simon and Jan are welcome back in the Research Station. There is a heavy work load to be undertaken with the rebuilt Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor. Meanwhile the new High Efficiency Combustion Rig development is progressing well. The final preparations at the Research Station are in progress, to receive the new research furnace.