• New paper published in the Members’ Reports area: Coal char kinetics of oxidation and gasification reactions

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Results of the experimental and numerical study of the coal char oxidation and gasification conducted in the drop-tube furnace, by Robert Lewtak and Jaroslaw Hercog from the Institute of Power Engineering, Warsaw, has been published as IFRF Member report H 110/pl/03.  Based on the output from RELCOM EU 7FP project, coordinated by Prof. Steve Wilcox and the University of South Wales, this report contributes to the objectives of IFRF related to solid fuel characterisation and to the solid fuel database.

The report presents the paper recently published in the Chemical and Process Engineering Journal of Polish Academy of Sciences, and summarises the results of experimental and numerical investigations of coal char oxidation and gasification reactions under standard (air) and oxy-fuel combustion conditions.  The laboratory experiments were conducted in a drop-tube furnace while the mathematical model, proposed in the study, was undertaken using Ansys Fluent software to simulate the experimental drop-tube furnace conditions and test the values of the derived kinetic parameters.

An approach to derive kinetic parameters and the proposed char combustion model have been verified and can be applied to CFD simulations of pulverised fuel flames in oxy-fuel conditions.

The report is available for download by IFRF Members at: http://www.research.ifrf.net/research/new.html