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      Neil Fricker

This week sees the publication of two further Combustion Files on in-flame measurements in the IFRF On-line Handbook. These both relate to the use of Tuneable Diode lasers for species concentration measurements in flames. They have been prepared by IFRF STAG (Scientific and Technical Advisory Group) member Franz Winter and his co-workers at the University of Vienna.

CF185:  What is tuneable diode laser spectroscopy for combustion applications? – Members’ Domain

CF187:  How can gas species be measured in high pressure combustion systems using tuneable diode lasers? – Members’ Domain

These two Combustion Files are a continuation of the work already commenced in this field by Franz Winter and his colleagues.  Readers can also find two Combustion Files concerning Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy published in 2001. These are:

CF22 – What is an “FTIR” analyser? – Open Domain

CF54 – How do I use an FTIR – problems and good operating guidelines? – Members’ Domain

To view or download the new Combustion Files, please go to www.handbook.ifrf.net and select ‘new files’ from the left hand frame once you have passed the disclaimer screen. These new files contain links to the FTIR work (Related Combustion Files) or alternatively the older CFs can be found using a search with the keyword “measurement”.

Although, these files may only be viewed by IFRF Individual Members, there is a number of Combustion Files within the Handbook on related topics that can also be read by non-members – please search the Handbook using the keyword “measurement” for example.

We plan to continue the laser diagnostics theme in the coming weeks with another cluster of Combustion Files dealing with Laser Sheet Visualisation.