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The IFRF’s Combustion Handbook has reinitiated publication of new Combustion Files after a pause of several years. Eleven Combustion Files relating to the topic of oxy-coal combustion have been prepared in the context of dissemination from the EC FP7 cooperative research project RELCOM. IFRF was responsible for the RELCOM Dissemination Work Package, and organised several open Workshops as stand alone TOTeMs or Member Conference Workshops during the four year RELCOM Project. You may search for the new Combustion files at http://www.handbook.ifrf.net/handbook/searchmicro.html using oxy,  or coal as keywords if you wish to see the new material in the context of related material already in the Handbook. Alternatively, a search against the keyword RELCOM will bring up just the eleven new Combustion Files.

As a result, the Handbook Editorial Board has been reactivated, and discussions will be intiated shortly between them and the Finnish Flame Research Committee who have proposed a new initiative and a new approach to re-launch Handbook Combustion File publication.

Organisations and individuals interested by this new initiative are invited to contact info@ifrf.net