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This autumn IFRF will be involved, together with ENEL and the ”Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology” (IFK), in the EU funded project “Boiler corrosion under Oxy-fuel conditions”, Oxy corr.

Project partners are IFK, Enel Ingegneria e Innovazione, Alstom Power Systems, Vattenfall Research and Development, Outokumpu Stainless, and Swerea Kimab.  The project goal is to investigate the limits of the materials used in high efficiency oxycombustion coal plants, with particular regard to corrosion issues.

The principal task of the IFRF will be to cooperate with ENEL and IFK during the measurement campaign on the 3MW furnace FOSPER.  Thanks to its in-flame measurement capabilities, it will be possible to perform a characterization of the environment inside the furnace where IFK will extract the samples to be analysed in laboratory.

These trials will also present an opportunity to undertake an “on the field” test of all the recent developments of the IFRF probes and measurement techniques.  In particular IFRF will check the enhancement made to the quartz-probe/FTIR analyser system and to the ENEA ODC system. 

In addition, in line with the requests from the members of the IFRF CFD Forum, some campaign time will be devoted to further characterizing the FOSPER furnace in oxy firing conditions to provide CFD modelers with additional data.

Further details will be provided once they become available.