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The Department of Decentralised Energy Conversion of Stuttgart is coordinating  an EU-project (BIO-PRO) that aims on the development of new burners for low-grade bio-fuels. In the project two burner technologies (FLOX, COSTAIR) will be adapted to low calorific value gas combustion. Among the project partners are WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH and Gaswärme-Institut Essen. A workshop has been organised to inform potential users and manufacturer about the results in our project.

The workshop will be entitled “New burner for bio-residues” and will take place in Stuttgart on the 21st of February 2007.

Here is the programme of the workshop:


10:00 BIOSWIRL for pulverised fuels
Christian Fredriksson, TPS Termiska
Processer AB, Nyköping, Sweden

10:30 COSTAIR principle and integration in BIOSWIRL
Ahmad Al-Halbouni, Gaswärme-Institut
e. V. Essen, Germany

11:00 Test results of a 2 MW combined system of BIOSWIRL and COSTAIR
Christian Fredriksson, TPS Termiska
Processer AB, Nyköping, Sweden

Topic II: Biorefineries

11:30 Concept of biorefinery – production of platform chemicals and materials
Prof. Dr. habil. Birgit Kamm, Forschungsinstitut
Bioaktive Polymersysteme
FI biopos e.V., Teltow, Germany

12:00 Lunch


13:30 FLOX-burner
Joachim G. Wünning, WS Wärmeprozesstechnik
GmbH, Renningen,

14:00 FLOX-combustor for LCV gases and liquid bio-fuels
Martin Schmid/Christian Gaegauf,
Ökozentrum Langenbruck, Switzerland

14:30 Combined system of pre-gasifier and FLOX-burner for solid bio-fuels
Anja Schuster, University of Stuttgart,

15:00 Integration of staged FLOX-burner
Tomasz Golec, Instytut Energetyki,
Warsaw, Poland

15:30 Test results of prototype FLOX-burner
Timo Eriksson/Matti Hiltunen, Foster
Wheeler Oy, Finland

Topic IV: New burner systems for gas turbine applications

16:00 FLOX combustion with different fuel compositions for gas turbines
Rainer Lückerath, DLR Stuttgart,

You can find further information and the registration form in the IFRF Calendar of Technical Events at this page: http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/event.html?id=230