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One of our long-term supporters in North America is Canmet – Natural Resources Canada – Member Organisation of American Flame.

It is reported that Natural Resources Canada’s CETC-Varennes, along with the World Bank’s Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF) and the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE), are co-operating to develop and incorporate an improved greenhouse gas emissions baseline tool into the RETScreen® International Clean Energy Project Analysis Software. This inclusion will enable RETScreen® users to better estimate the potential of carbon finance for their projects.

RETScreen® International – Version 3.0 upgrades include a metric/imperial unit switch; updated product data; an enhanced GHG model to account for the emerging rules under the Kyoto Protocol; and a new Sensitivity & Risk Analysis worksheet. The Wind Energy and Small Hydro Project Models are now available, with the other existing technology models to be upgraded.

RETScreen® now has more than 53,000 software users in 205 countries around the world and is growing at 250 new users every week.

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