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Australian Flame Day

Our Australian Colleagues (Australian Flame Research Committee) in co-operation with Australian and New Zealand Section of The Combustion Institute would like to invite researchers, engineers and technologists with an interest in all aspects of combustion science and technology to their…

2003 Australian Symposium on Combustion and the 8th Australian Flame Days
8th and 9th December 2003
Monash University, Australia

The scope of the conference is wide and includes:
  • Design, operation, measurement and modelling of practical combustion systems such as, SI and CI engines, industrial furnaces, cement kilns and industrial burners.
  • Coal combustion and gasification technologies including pulverised fuels and fluidised beds.
  • Combustion kinetics and chemistry.
  • Laminar flame dynamics.
  • Turbulent premixed and non-premixed combustion.
  • Combustion diagnostics and flame measurements.
  • Pollution formation, greenhouse gas issues.
  • Fuels, biomass and energy.

Below are the deadlines to remember:

Submission of full paper for peer review      29th August 2003
Submission of abstract only papers              29th August 2003
Submission of final version of full paper      31st October 2003
Registration (opening)                                June  2003

For other details, check the conference web page at


AFRC Fall Meeting

Additionally, we would like to remind everyone about the AFRC Fall Meetings.  Deadline for submission of paper is on the 30th May 2003 – Next week!!!

2003 American Flame Research Committee
International Symposium on Combustion Research and Industrial Practice:
Bridging the Gap
16th – 17th October 2003
Sandia National Laboratories – Combustion Research Facility
Livermore, California

Meeting Chairman:  Dr. Robert J. Gallagher
Meeting Secretary: DeAnna Agosta Lazares

For full details, follow the link below: