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The BFRC has announced changes within the Council and amongst the Honorary Officers.

Prof Tony Griffiths has stood down as Hon Secretary after 7 years of service and John Witton, previously of Cranfield University, will be taking over the role.  Tony will continue to be a member of Council.

Professor  Alan Williams has resigned from the Council which welcomes two new members:  Mark Young from Hamworthy Combustion Engineering and Angus Duncan from Doosan Babcock.

Members can identify and contact the Chairman and Secretary of their National Committee on the Member Organisations section of the IFRF website at http://www.ifrf.net/organisation/index.html








    Jordan Loftus and Dick Waibel

Outgoing AFRC Chairman Dick Waibel who served from spring 1995 to 2007 and became IFRF President earlier this year, was feted at the AFRC’s traditional Roast and Toast Dinner in May.  The fourth Chairman of the AFRC, Dick was awarded the AFRC Recognition Plaque and Chair.

Previous AFRC President Jordan Loftus (1981 to 1995) paid tribute to Dick, briefly describing his career- long involvement with the IFRF.  He said Dick joined the AFRC whilst he was with the Institute of Gas Technology of Chicago and quickly became active, serving as AFRC Technical Secretary prior to 1979.  In the fall 1981, IGT hosted and Dick chaired the International Symposium on Alternative Fuels and Hazardous Waste in Chicago IL.  In the fall 1984, John Zink were the hosts and Dick chaired the follow up symposium in Tulsa OK.

Dick was also deeply involved himself in IFRF research.  The IFRF Burner Scaling 400 Study involved the University of Michigan (30 kW), Sandia NL (100kW), IFRF (1.34MW, 4 MW), and John Zink (12 MW) for range of nearly 400 to one.  Dick supervised the work at John Zink.

Jordan expressed the AFRC’s best wishes to Dick for his term as IFRF President and wished him success in the IFRF‘s quest to ”provide knowledge that assists the applied combustion global professional community to improve the quality of life of its citizens.”

Current AFRC Chairman is Prof. Phil Smith.