• Multi-Phase Flow Technology – A Survey

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      Neil Fricker

We would like to invite our readers who have an interest in Multi-Phase Flow Technology to participate in an international survey to be carried out by one of our UK Member Organisations – Innogy Plc.

The Boilers and Combustion team of Innogy plc is currently preparing a review of the international status in Multi Phase Flow Technology used in coal fired power plants. As part of this activity, an international survey will be carried out. A public version of the report will be made available to the participants in the survey and will be notified (by e-mail) when it is available and how to acquire a copy.

The survey is in the form of a web page that can be filled in very quickly. The value of the report will be greatly enhanced if a large number of people fill in the questionnaire.

This activity is funded by the Department of Trade and Industry in the United Kingdom. For any questions regarding the survey, you can contact Alf Malmgren (alf.malmgren@innogy.com).

To participate to this survey, please follow the link below…


Thank you for your anticipated participation.