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TOTeM 34 takes place on 22 and 23 April 2010 and is the 34th in the IFRF’s series of Topic Oriented Technical Meetings.   The topic of this particular TOTeM is Gas Turbine Research and the venue is Cardiff University’s Gas Turbine Research Centre in Port Talbot, Wales.  The meeting will concentrate on alternative fuels, combustion, and related aspects of environmental protection and operability issues.

The TOTeM will be introduced by a Keynote Lecture from the Chair on the subject of “Gas turbines of the future – the need for research”. In the last weeks, the Organising Committee has developed a list of sub-topics as follows:

  • Gas Turbine combustion – alternative fuels
  • Gas Turbine combustion – instabilities and operational issues
  • Gas Turbine emissions and environmental impact
  • Computer based simulation for design
  • Combustion chemistry under elevated temperature and pressure
  • Gas turbine blade cooling – state-off-the-art and perspectives
  • Infrastructures for gas turbine research

For each of these sub-topics, an international expert in the field has been approached with an invitation to present the lecture.  We are happy to inform IFRF Members that we have reached provisional agreement with almost all of the proposed speakers and we look forward to announcing the full programme early in the New Year.  At that time we will invite our industrial Members and associated universities to present their work in progress in these fields, within the poster session and the focused discussion sessions.

It is perhaps worth repeating that within the TOTeM format established by the IFRF, the discussion session is aimed at determining the short, medium and long term research goals in a particular field.  It is typical of the TOTeM process that the determination of the research goals feeds directly into the establishment of the IFRF’s own research policy.  In all cases, all the information produced becomes very swiftly available to the IFRF community through the IFRF website.

MNM readers will be regularly updated on developments in TOTeM 34 planning.  Meanwhile we suggest that you diarise the event and plan to participate. 

Compliments of the Season from the TOTeM 34 Organising Committee.