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A Framework for the IFRF Members Research Programme 2009/14 has been prepared based on an analysis of the views expressed by National Committee representatives meeting as the IFRF Joint Committee, and also through views of individual IFRF Members collected during IFRF technical meetings (TOTeMs and Workshops) held since 2007.  The Framework was presented to and accepted by the IFRF’s Joint Committee which met in Boston in June 2009. 

The Joint Committee has also agreed to the next phases in the IFRF Members Research Programme planning process, namely:

  • Preparation of a detailed work plan for 2009/10 by the IFRF Director, based around external funding already in place for the period
  • Consultation with National Committees and Associate Members regarding the choices to be made for IFRF work in 2011/14, and the options for procuring the research partnerships and co-funding needed to deliver them.

Regarding the 2011/14 IFRF Research activities, Individual Members of the IFRF are invited to download and study the Research Framework Document, and to make known their views and interests to their Main Contact Persons and to their National Committees.  In the case of Associate Member Organisations, Main Contact Persons may respond directly on this link to IFRF’s Deputy Superintendent of Research Neil Fricker who will collate their inputs on behalf of the General Secretary of the IFRF. We would also welcome direct feedback or enquiries regarding future Research Partnerships from all IFRF Individual Members or Prospective Members. 

Arrangements are in hand to ensure that all National Committees will have an opportunity to interact with the Superintendents of Research in the coming months before the detailed research proposals for 2011/14 are prepared and submitted for Joint Committee Approval in June 2010. The first opportunity to do this for French IFRF Members will occur at the next French Committee Meeting to be held in Nantes on October 8th 2009.  Other National Committee arrangements will follow in due course, and details will be published in MNM well ahead of time.