• Members Research Programme: IPFR running April, May & June 2010

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The IFRF’s Isothermal Plug Flow reactor – IPFR  has been rebuilt and recommissioned at the Livorno laboratories of ENEL.  Enhancements include a fully computerised and automated system for IPFR control and data collection, the establishment of a standard procedure for solid fuel characterisation, routines for the derivation of kinetic parameters from the data, and preparation for operation with O2/CO2 atmospheres.

During April, May and June, the IPFR will be used to characterise a number of coals in the new set up. The experiments will include tests and runs with a temporary arrangement for the creation of O2/CO2 atmospheres from bottled gases.  The introduction of oxygen through the IPFR’s own burner is expected early in 2011. 

Not directly related to solid fuel characterisation, the rig will also be used during May/June to test a new optical measuring probe developed in collaboration with ENEA in Italy, and to make direct comparisons with measurements using the IFRF’s standard probes. 

All the experimental data will be fed back to IFRF Members as part of the support to the ongoing CFD validation exercise being undertaken by several IFRF Members. The coal characterisation data itself will be disseminated via the IFRF’s Solid Fuel Characterisation Working Group.
This new experimental campaign is partly funded by the IFRF’s Members Research Fund, with tests on additional coals specified and funded by several private contracts.  All funders have agreed that IFRF Members may witness the IPFR in operation during this period, as well as being given access to the new data.
IFRF Members wishing to know more about the 2010 IPFR Test Campaign and the coals to be characterised, or to visit Livorno to witness some of the tests, are invited to contact IFRF Director Leo Tognotti or Investigator Giovanni Coraggio.  Likewise, organisations (both Members and non-Members of IFRF) wishing to propose other fuels for testing are also invited to contact Leo or Giovanni to explore the available options.