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The 15th IFRF Members’ Conference, entitled “Combustion in an efficient and environmentally acceptable manner” promises to be lively and extremely well attended.


On the basis of abstracts already received, the conference is taking shape around five major sub-themes or sessions into which the talks will be grouped.  These are:

  • Gas turbines: tests and modeling
  • Flameless/New burner technologies in industry
  • CFD Modelling of industrial furnaces and systems
  • Emmissions control
  • Biomass utilization in energy production


Three workshops are being planned and will feature speakers of the highest calibre  The topics are:


  • Solid fuel properties and characterization: requirements for and structure of an IFRF database
  • CFD Modelling of industrial flames: a benchmarking exercise
  • EU project “Capacities”: IFRF objectives and network of research facilities in Europe


To register for the conference or to find out more, go to http://www.improntesrl.it/ifrf/ or access the conference site directly from the IFRF web page at http://www.ifrf.net./


The preliminary conference programme at http://www.improntesrl.it/ifrf/index.asp?page=programme.asp

will be updated very shortly.