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More about San Rossore…

Once the hunting estate of the Medicis, this area now belongs to the region of Tusany and has been set aside as a protected haven for the many species of wild flora and fauna which flourish there.  Human visitors are admitted into this area only on high days and holidays and may view a rich variety of animal and birdlife and a luxuriant display of tree and plant specimens including forests of poplar, pine and ash trees and some rare plant species such as the Periploca graeca (Silk Clematis) and the Drosera rotundifolia (‘Roundleaf Sundew’.)  The area also boasts an important hippodrome and various reception centres for promotional, educational and recreational purposes.

Guided visits through the pine forests and coastal zones of San Rossore are possible on foot or horseback, by bicycle or bus and even by train.

Delegates to the IFRF conference will be whisked directly to this calm oasis to enjoy a two hour guided bus tour followed by a short beach walk and then a sumptuous dinner at the Villa Del Presidente where a variety of Tuscan fare will be on offer.

Delegates who wish to be accompanied by a partner or guest may purchase a Guest Ticket for this function from the conference organizers on Registration Day.