• Member Research Programme restarts at IFRF experimental facility

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Last week’s tests by the IFRF were on the flame generated by the TEA-C burner with a bituminous coal.  This campaign is part of the Members’ Research project “Validation of combustion modelling for practical combustion systems” – a project which includes experimental and modelling activities started during 2007 with the tests on the IFRF Aerodynamically air-staged burner (AASB). 

In the coming month the IFRF will be involved in the experimental campaign associated with the  ENEL “Friendly Coal” project, which is part of a European initiative coordinated by Technical University of Munich.  This campaign will also be carried out at the Livorno facility.

The furnace FOSPER (FOrnace SPERimentale-Experimental Furnace) will be fired at 2.5MWth with the TEA-C burner and fed with natural gas and coal.  Both the fuels will be used in normal air-fuel combustion conditions and also in oxy-fuel conditions with recycled flue gas. 

The trial programme is as follows:

  • Week 1 – Natural gas baseline- natural gas trials in normal air-fuel conditions

  • Week 2 – Natural gas oxy-combustion – Natural gas burnt with pure oxygen and recycled flue gas

  • Week 3 – Coal baseline – Coal trials in normal air-fuel conditions

  • Week 4 – Coal oxy-combustion – Coal burnt with pure oxygen and recycled flue gas

All the combustion conditions will be tested with different settings of the burner swirlers.  In each setting, flue-gas and in-flame measurements of temperature and chemical species will be acquired.

In the last half year, the IFRF’s measurement capabilities have been restored through a process of building and testing the majority of the IFRF-designed probes used in the last decades around the world, and also by developing new instruments for industrial applications.

This experimental campaign gives the IFRF the opportunity not only to get a new set of oxy-combustion data to populate the validation database, but also to test the progress made during the last months of in-flame measurements.

IFRF members who would like more information or wish to participate in the trials should contact Giovanni Coraggio or Leo Tognotti here.