• Melchett award for British Flame President

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Professor Allan Jones is to receive the prestigious Melchett Award from the UK’s Energy Institute, marking his contribution to the energy industry over several decades.

Some longer serving IFRF Members may remember Allan from his pioneering days with the (then) UK Central Electricity Board’s Marchwood Laboratories. He currently occupies the position of UK Country Director, E.ON New Build & Technology, based at the Ratcliffe laboratories of EOn UK.  Throughout his career, Allan has been a strong supporter of both British Flame and IFRF, as witnessed by his recent co-chairing of TOTeM 34 (Gas Turbine Combustion – Cardiff – October 2010).

The IFRF congratulates Allan on his well merited award. Allan’s Melchett public lecture will be held at Church House Meeting Centre (near Westminster Abbey), London on Wednesday July 7th commencing at 17.30 and finishing with a reception. Further information is available on the Energy Institute’s web site. Admission is free on application to the Energy Institute’s Gemma  Wilkinson via the EI website.