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Within the framework of the Marie Curie Program “INECSE” (INtegrated Energy Conversion for a Sustainable Environment), an 11 month fellowship is offered by ENEL, Engineering and Innovation Division, Research, Italy.  The successful candidate will be interested in following a special training program in industrial research in the general area of advanced combustion technologies, e.g. oxy-combustion technologies.


Numerical and experimental studies on advanced combustion systems will be carried out for a better understanding of combustion processes on industrial boilers for power generation fed with pulverised coal.

Experimental activities will include isothermal characterization of advanced p.f. burners, full scale combustion tests on a 5MWth single burner test facility and data analysis.  CFD simulations could be also included.

Isothermal characterization of burner models should allow the evaluation of the main features of the flow field of combustion air: velocity, turbulence and air fuel mixing as well as the main structure of the flow.

Combustion tests on the 5 MWth facility will be aimed at evaluation – at full scale and under full conditions – of the combustion performances as well as emissions, solid and gaseous unburned products, heat flux distribution along the burner axis and flame morphology using visualization techniques.

Finally a flame model will be prepared, using a commercial code, in order to estimate detailed performances and to correlate experimental results and numerical results.

This program is not exhaustive and potential candidates will be invited to review it with the ENEL Supervisor.

The starting date and application deadline of 01/07/2008 is only indicative.  In particular the job starting date represents the earliest date for signing the fellowship employment contract.
In practice, each selected candidate and his Supervisor will jointly define the starting date of the fellowship, which preferably should be within 2008 (best before Sept 30th, 2008).

Applications should be made by email to Mario Graziadio at ENEL.  For full details of the requirements of the position, the benefits offered and the applications process, please refer to the IFRF Events Calendar at http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/event.html?id=292