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End of May and June is extremely busy time for IFRF Livorno team. The team is focusing on organisation of two TOTeMs and preparation for oxy-coal tests at CIUDEN in Ponferrada, Spain within RELCOM project.

This week (10th and 11th June) the first TOTeM 41 is taking place in Warsaw within the RELCOM project.  The second meeting, TOTeM 42, will take place in IJmuiden (23rd and 24th June) and will be followed by both IFRF Executive Committee meeting(26th June) and IFRF Joint Committee meeting(27th and 26th June).

Regarding IFRF activities in the RELCOM project team has collected and analysed the results of oxy-coal combustion tests at FOSPER test rig. The collected results included heat flux and radiometry and hot and cold experimental data from 3MW demonstration experiments. The reports for the RELCOM projectwill be followed by the report of the IFRF team results, which will available for all IFRF members.

Regarding the demonstration oxy-coal tests the research team is preparing to undertake a measurement campaign at the CIUDEN facility. The boiler will be fired in oxy-coal and air-coal condition at a thermal load of 20 MWth. IFRF will be involved in in-flame temperature and chemical composition measurements as well as heat fluxes measurements.

Regarding the BRISK project activities, IFRF took part in the BRISK executive committee meeting. One of the extensively discussed points was Transnational Access activities, where all BRISK partners offer “free of charge” test rigs for external visiting researchers. The whole list of offered rigs is available at IFRF website or can be accessed directly from the BRISK project website.

Please note that also IFRF offers “free of charge” one of the Livorno test rigs, Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor (IPFR) for the characterisation of combustion kinetics of solid fuels as well as two of the test rigs in San Piero a Grado, GASTONE and TAREK. All interested candidates should contact IFRF to discuss the details of the tests.