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As we approached 2015 the IFRF team would like to wish you exceptionally successful and rewarding year.

This year is going to be challenging and industrious for our IFRF Livorno team. In the area of networking we are currently busy with organizing two events. The first one, Gasification, a versatile technology converting biomass to produce synfuels, heat and power, will take place on 22nd April in TUDelft. The meeting is organised as an Open Workshop within BRISK project (TOTeM 40) with the special focus on Transnational Access. More information about the meeting will be announced in the next MNM. Any interested investigator willing to take part in this scheme can find all information about it at the Brisk website.

The second event is The 18th IFRF Members Conference – Flexible and clean fuel conversion in industry, organised at the beginning of June in Freising, Germany. Contributors are reminded that the official deadline for abstracts is 30th January. All the details are described in the MC18 Conference Brochure available in the Calendar or by visiting the conference website.

In the research area we will carry on the oxy-coal tests at CIUDEN in Ponferrada, Spain within the Relcom project, however, the dates of the tests are not defined yet. Within the On-Cord project we will carry out the high temperature chlorine corrosion tests of the coal-biomass blends at the Livorno facilities.