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      Neil Fricker
This week sees the continuation of the development of the ‘In Flame Measurement Techniques’ theme within the Combustion Handbook with the publication of three new combustion files dealing with the application of Laser Sheet Visualisation in industrial scale flames.
These techniques were demonstrated and developed at the IFRF Research Station in the 1990s, and built on a long tradition of developing in-flame measurements techniques extending over five decades.
Jacques Dugue of Air Liquide, a member of the IFRF team that undertook this work, has co-authored five Combustion Files on this topic.
The three published today are:
Two further Combustion Files dealing with additional details of the experimental techniques and the quantitative evaluation of the data will follow shortly.
To view the files, go to www.handbook.ifrf.net, and select New Combustion Files option on the left hand menu after agreeing the disclaimer. You will need an IFRF Individual Members user name and password to read or download these files.
Further Combustion Files on this topic can be listed by selecting Search Combustion Files and searching on the keyword ‘measurement’. These include a number that are in the public domain.