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      Peter Roberts

The announcement for the new IFRF Journal article published last Monday (Article Number 200508, November 2005) has been updated on the web version of the MNM (See MNM 2005 Week 48).  Unfortunately a paragraph from Journal Editor-in-Chief Patrick Hughes’ article was deleted during the preparation for publication.  This important background information read as follows:

“This paper discusses the use of laser induced fluorescence of OH (OH-LIF) to explore the fast changing phenomena during laser induced ignition of a combustible mixture. The significance of this paper is not necessarily the description of the OH-LIF technique but the demonstration of the ability to capture the rapidly changing phenomena occurring during laser induced breakdown and the ensuing ignition. The authors show the development of the OH distribution in the breakdown and ignition region and use this distribution to calculate the temperature field as the breakdown and ignition progress. These kinds of measurements are very useful for the evaluation of computational fluid dynamic models of transient combustion phenomena.”

We apologise for the omission.  Meanwhile, if you have not already done so, go to the Journal and download your copy of “Time-resolved temperature images of laser-ignition using OH two-line laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) thermometry” by: Wenhong Qin, Ying-Ling Chen and J. W. L. Lewis: