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In Munich last week, it was decided that the IFRF’S 16th International Members’ Conference would be held in Boston during the week beginning June 8th 2009 and would be organised around the theme of Sustainable Combustion and New Fuels.  Absolutely final dates will be communicated as soon as possible along with a definite title.

In addition no less than four TOTeMs are being planned. As well as TOTeM 31 which will take place on November 13 and 14 in Pisa on the topic Oxy Fuel Combustion, Members are invited to diarise three other events:

• TOTeM 32 Overcoming ash related restrictions on effective solid fuel utilisation, 15th and 16th December 2008 at Technical University Munich (Chairman IFRF Superintendent of Research Prof. Hartmut Spliethoff).

• TOTeM 33 Rotary Kiln Combustion, Pisa, February 11th and 12th 2009, to be chaired by Professors Tran and Hupa.

• TOTeM 34 Industrial furnaces for the metals industry, July 22,24 2009, to be held in Tokyo and supported by the Japanese Flame Research Committee and associates JBRA and JIFMA. (Organised by Susumo Mochida, Chairman of the JFRC).

None of the above 5 events yet has a formal entry in the Events Calendar on the IFRF website.  Detailed information about TOTeM 31 will be inserted in the Events Calendar and also published in MNM before end July.  In the interim you are welcome to express your interest in any event or pose a question by mailing Tracey Biller from the link here.  You will be mailed the relevant information as soon as it becomes available.