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      Giovanni Coraggio

Cardiff School of Engineering, one of the UK’s leading Engineering Schools, is to launch a new Gas Turbine Research Centre.  The Centre includes world-class, pressurised large-scale combustion R&D facilities with unique capability, and will deliver both commercial and research programmes focussed on current and future energy and environmental challenges.

The Cardiff School of Engineering seeks a highly motivated individual with a strong R&D pedigree in the Gas Turbine industry to drive this exciting new venture forward.  He should have broad project management and business development experience gained from working within this sector.  He will be responsible for generating new business, and for delivering the Centre’s business plan to ensure its long-term sustainability.  Developing new R&D programmes in association with staff of the School of Engineering is an important element of the post.  Familiarity with European and UK Funding mechanisms would be advantageous, as would a research ‘track record’.

You can find further information in the IFRF Calendar Of Technical Events at this page: http://www.calendar.ifrf.net/event.html?id=221