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On March 4, James Seebold passed away. Jim was a stalwart, long term, leader in the AFRC. His unique wit, and unceasing commitment to improving combustion technology applications made him invaluable to us all.

Jim obtained his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. He served on the Lexington aircraft carrier for the U.S. Navy, an experience which he often drew on to explain the workings of the world. He had a professional career of more than 30 years at Chevron. Then after retirement dedicated yeoman’s service in furthering the work of the American Flame Research Committee. He was the meeting chair of the AFRC at the time of his passing.

Jim met his wife Alicia at Stanford and they were inseparable ever since. They had two children, Suzy and Katie. Jim was devoted to his family and talked about them always.

Many of you have fond memories of Jim. We at the AFRC would like to collect your memories in a memorial that can be displayed and distributed at our next annual meeting in Hawaii (a venue that Jim was particularly fond of). Please send your thoughts and memories in an email to Catrina Wilson (Catrina.Wilson@utah.edu) who will compile them for keeping and distribution.


Professor Philip J. Smith, Chair, American Flame Research Committee