• IV Forum of Biomass & Waste in Krakow short report

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The VI Forum of Biomass & Waste took place on 15th April in Cracow, Poland, and was organised by the CBE Poland team. The conference was focused on the legislation, investments and technologies associated with the generation of energy from biomass and waste in Poland. The meeting was attended by nearly 300 participants representing various sectors of industry and industries related to the ecological production of electricity and heat.

IFRF had a big pleasure to be one of the exhibitors at this event and we were presenting our research and networking activity to all participant. We had a chance to discuss our future cooperation with some Polish companies. It was fruitful and constructive time.

Additionally, we had also few other meetings with our future polish partners. Thanks to Professor Witold Zukowski from Cracow University of Technology we could visit their laboratories and see their fluidized bed facilities as well as discuss our cooperation within the membership framework of the IFRF.

We also had a chance to meet Professor Wojciech Nowak, director of Centre of Energy AGH in Krakow, who opened for us the doors to new Centre of Energy building in the AGH campus. The Centre is a largest investment of AGH University in Krakow and soon it will educate and conduct research in all areas of the energy sector (official opening will take place 18th of June 2015). The complex consists of 38 specialized, modern laboratories, serving both commercial research and development of basic research in the field of energy widely understood. One important element of the Centre will be testing for, so-called, clean coal technologies, led and coordinated by the Krakow university in the European Node of Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs InnoEnergy).