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On behalf of organizer – CBE Polska – we would like to invite you to  the “IV Forum of Biomass & Waste”, which will take place on 15th-16th April 2015 in Krakow.

Forum of Biomass & Waste is a series of debates, meetings and side events with guests from Poland and abroad. The topics of discussion and sessions cover the most important issues for the biomass sector and the entities related to the WTE (waste to energy) industry development. The main objective of the Forum is to bring together experts from many countries, so that they can exchange experiences on the latest achievements related to the use of biomass and waste for energy purposes. Today Forum is already functioning as a current knowledge exchange platform and as an important tool for the know-how, technology and innovation transfer.

The event gathers representatives from a wide range of markets, including the energy and other industry experts, suppliers of biomass, municipal sector representatives, scientists, engineers and technologists, as well as industry organizations, financial institutions as well as the government and administration representatives. About importance of the Forum indicates that the 3rd edition of the event were attended by nearly a half thousand people.

The upcoming 4th edition of the Forum in 2015 will focus on the possibilities of biomass and waste markets, particularly in technical and business areas. Experts will assess the biomass resources in the market and will discuss development policy in the light of the new legal reality – the Law on Renewable Energy Sources. As every year, their solutions and products will be submitted by industry leading technology providers.

The 4th edition of the Forum will be accompanied by “Titans of Energy 2014” Gala Awards. Again we invite you to the spectacular interiors of Wieliczka Salt Mine. Gala will be held in the auditorium named “Warszawa”, which is located at a depth of 122.5 metres. Contest  “Energy of Titans 2014” is a non-profit event. It is focused on companies that can boast of the best practices in energy efficiency, environmental protection and ecological production using waste fuels and/or biomass, as well as suppliers of the best solutions for renewable energy sectors and WTE.

For detailed information about the event please refer to the organizer’s website.

You can also contact CBE Polska Team (Kamil Szkup) by phone : +48 22 82 77 123.

See you in Cracow!