• Italgas Prize 2004

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Klaus Hein

Since 1987, the company Italgas has been awarding prizes for excellent achievements in science and technology including environment EU- and worldwide.  So far this action has received a good response from various countries, in particular, Italy, for obvious reasons.

However the Scientific Committee, of which I have been a member for several years, has decided to introduce this action to a much broader audience, e.g. by using modern communication systems such as e-mail via well established nets.

Therefore I propose to spread the news via our Monday Night Mail and strongly encourage readers to give this their consideration to and if possible make proposals for the Italgas Prize.

The Prize, is presenting again innovative aspects related to environmental aims with a specific attention regarding themes in the field of energy sources and their impact on the environment.

Details of the prize can be found at www.premioitalgas.it.

Don’t forget the deadline – 24th September 2004.