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Refurbishment is complete on the Enel Experimental Atomiser Rig which characterizes full scale oil burner atomizers for energy plants or industrial furnaces.

The task was completed over the summer by the IFRF investigative team in collaboration with our colleagues at Enel Ricerca Livorno, and just last week, 2 oil atomisers were characterized for the project Industria 2015, funded by the Italian Government. 

The ISA Rig one of a suite of experimental facilities available to IFRF and also to its member organizations.  It uses simulation oil up to a maximum flowrate of 10000 Kg/hr and atomization air up to 1500 kg/hr.  To give it the same physical characteristics as common fuel oil at 120°C, normal operating conditions with real burners, the oil within the rig is maintained at about 29°C. 

ISA is equipped with a Malvern Laser particle sizer which can measure the particle size distribution in any point of the spray.  This information is very useful for researchers doing mathematical models of the spray in isothermal conditions and using these to create prototypes.

isa laser.jpg

Malvern laser particle sizer beam in the spray

Several tests are already planned at ISA in the next months.  Special rates will apply to IFRF members wishing to perform industrial spray characterization using the rig.  Enquiries should be directed to Giovanni Coraggio.

Consult the IFRF website for information about the full range of Enel and University of Pisa experimental rigs.

Expand your search to include the combustion and biofuels test rigs of some 30 European industrial and research organizations which constitute IFRF’s constantly expanding European Test Facilities database  opened very recently to the public.  Read the previous MNM article on this topic.