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According to the IFRF Statutes, the governing body of the Foundation is vested in a Council called “Joint Committee”, which represents both the National Bodies adhering to the Foundation and the various elective areas of combustion research.  The Joint Committee appoints the IFRF Director, currently Prof. Leo Tognotti of the University of Pisa, and also the Executive Committee which supervises and advises the Director.

The members of the IFRF Executive Committee serve a three year term – with the exception of the General Secretary, who has no fixed term.  In the current cycle, which ends in December 2013, the Executive Committee comprises the following members:

  • Jacques Dugué, Total, France, IFRF President
  • Sauro Pasini, Enel Engineering and Research, Italy, IFRF General Secretary
  • Hartmut Spliethoff, Technische Universität München, IFRF Vice President
  • Gérard Flament, retired, Lhoist, Belgium, IFRF Second Vice President
  • Neil Fricker, University of Glamorgan, UK, IFRF Superintendent of Research
  • Charles Benson, ETA Partners, USA, Joint Committee Representative

The other members of the Joint Committee are the Chairmen of the IFRF National Committees (“A Members”):

  • Phil Smith (USA)
  • Roger Dudill (Britain)
  • Willi Nastoll (France)
  • Giuseppe Girardi (Italy)
  • Hellmuth Bruggemann (Germany)
  • Rikard Gebart (Sweden)
  • Ari Saario (Finland)
  • Pepijn Pronk (Netherlands)

and five “B Members” who advise on various elective areas of combustion research:

  • Jost Wendt (Environment)
  • Christian Mueller (Modelling)
  • Klaus Hein (Education and Training)
  • Charles Benson (New Fuels)
  • Mikko Hupa (Emissions)

IFRF Members may contact a Joint Committee representative via the IFRF Exchange by browsing the IFRF Groups at http://www.exchange.ifrf.net/