• International Visiting Investigator Team for 2004

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      Peter Roberts

During the last week the IFRF International visiting investigator team came fully back in action for the 2004 campaign.  We use the description “visiting investigator” as all three are similarly involved with PhD studies at their home Universities.

Simon Leiser (TU Delft – formally IVD, TU Stuttgart) has in fact been back in operation for some weeks now, working on a number of projects including completion of the IFRF project within the PowerFlam1 Research Programme and continuing the PowerFlam2 experimental programme.

The next to return was Jonas Brobäck (RIT, Stockholm) to continue hiswork in the next phase of the HEC programme – flameless combustion of natural gas firing in the IFRF reheating furnace simulator.  On the completion of this phase, he will work coke oven gas firing phase.

Finally last week Connie Ellul (Enemalta and the University of Malta) arrived back in the Netherlands ready for participation in the HEC experimental programme – particularly, the coke oven gas firing campaign and the associated mathematical modelling of flameless combustion phenomena.

Apart from participating with these Research Station Programmes, all three will be undertaking related tasks in connection with the development of the IFRF Online Handbook.