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The Combustion Physics Group of the Institute of Physics of the University of Wales is organizing a one day meeting about the ‘Fuels for the Future‘ in Cardiff on Thursday 14 April 2005.

This meeting is co-sponsored by British Flame, the British Section of the Combustion Institute, the Welsh Energy Research Centre (WERC) and deals with a very important topic for the IFRF.

This one-day Spring meeting of the Institute of Physics Combustion Physics Group invites presentations and discussion on recent progress and current challenges concerning the utilisation of non-traditional fuels such as biomass, hydrogen and waste, together with more efficient methods and approaches for utilisation of fossil fuels.

The official website of the event is:


The programme will be advertised shortly at the given web address.
There will be a presentation dinner with an Award presented to Professor
Felix Weinberg (FRS) the previous evening (13th April) at Cardiff, for which the venue and reservation arrangements will be made available presently via the website.
This meeting is also listed on the IFRF Calendar of Technical Events website.  For updates go to: