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A novel presentation of Ostwald’s combustion diagram

Authored by: Eduardo Brizuela, Retired, Past Professor, Universities of Buenos Aires and La Plata, Argentina

An email can be sent to Eduardo Brizuela, the corresponding author at ebrizuela@ing.unlp.edu.ar.

This work consist of a original update of Oswarld’ diagram, commonly used to manage combustion plants, to the form of a very easily readable nomograph.

Key Words:

Gas furnaces, exhaust analysis, on-line checks, Ostwald


Wilhelm Ostwald ́s model of one-step, incomplete combustion was used in the past to manage furnaces and boilers; it has been superseded by modern portable instruments. However, the industrial environment is hard on portable instruments, and operators of small to medium combustion systems still have Ostwald ́s model at hand to check measured values. The traditional graphical presentation of Ostwald ́s model is not easy to use by the plant operator, and a novel presentation in nomograph form is given in this work.


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