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      Peter Roberts

This week we would like to introduce the new IFRF Combustion Research Site – the home page for the Members Research Programmes.

This is your portal to access details of all recent, ongoing and planned research supported within the IFRF Members Research Programmes and financed wholly or in part from the IFRF Members Research Fund.

The “Front Page” is fully accessible to the International Combustion Community and everyone can read the general aims of the research and access the summaries.
However, detailed planning information, data and detailed research results and reports, are available only to IFRF Member Organisations and their representatives, their Individual Members registered with IFRF NET.

This site has been designed to improve the accessibility of information generated through the Members Research Projects. Research and Planning Reports will now become available for browsing online as html files, section by section. As before they will also be available for archiving on your own system as pdf files. Thip will allow serial publication which we believe will simplify the successful publication of large Research Reports.

In addition to Research Reports we are adding peripheral documentation such as project profiles, news items, presentations, etc., as they are published to keep our Individual Members well informed of developments within the programmes.

We have commenced the development of the new site with the latest programme – the High Efficiency Combustion HEC Programme – during the next few months we will be updating the site with reports generated from the other ongoing programme BioFlam and from completed programmes such as Mecburn and Clean Glass. We will develop the site with Members Research Projects going back to the commencement of IFRF NET in 1998.

Meanwhile the old site has been taken off-line whilst this new site is developed. If there is any information, which you need in the meantime, please email Stanley Santos at IFRF NET – stanley.santos@ifrf.net.

When you browse through this site you will have the opportunity to download detailed research information. You will be asked to enter your User Name and Password. If you are registered as an Individual Member of the IFRF, you will be able to supply this information and download details of the IFRF Member Research Programmes. If that is the case, we wish you successful browsing. You should go immediately to: http://www.research.ifrf.net/research/programmes.html.

We look forward to your reactions, for example, do you find this site easier to use? – contact us at members-research@ifrf.net.

Editors Note:

If you have forgotten your User Name and Password, email us at membership@ifrf.net

If you are not an Individual Member of the IFRF, but you are interested in gaining access to the IFRF Members Research Programmes, then you should check if the Company or Institute with which you are affiliated is already an IFRF Member Organisation. Further information on Member Organisations and Membership can be found at http://www.ifrf.net/network/index.html