• IJmuiden TOTeM Cluster Update- 18th and 19th March 2003

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      Peter Roberts

Further to our lead article – The IJmuiden TOTeMs – last Monday, we are happy to announce the completion of the Programme for TOTeM24 and the publication of all registration procedures.

These are published in the IFRF Online Combustion-Centre is the Meeting Service Section, at the following Internet Location:


All new information, programme updates, registration procedures and so forth will be published at this site.

On 18th March 2003, TOTeM23 will be Chaired by Dr Frank Fitzgerald – President British Flame and deals with

“Efficiency and Flexibility of Energy Use in the Iron and Steel Industry – Minimise Costs and CO2 emissions”*.

The developed programme for this TOTeM will be published on Monday 27th January – but it is important to note that the last of the Sub-Topics is concerned with “Modern Applications for Regenerative Combustion with minimum environmental impact”.

This relates strongly with and leads into TOTeM24 which takes place the following day, Chaired by Dr Neil Fricker dealing with

“Challenges in the Development of the IFRF High Efficiency Combustion Programme – The Excess Enthalpy Combustion Project”

TOTeM24 will be opened by a Keynote Lecture from Mr Toshiaki HASEGAWA of Nippon Furnace KK who will present the achievements of the Japanese National Project in this field of combustion technology.

This will be followed by a presentation by Prof. Roman Weber, former Scientific Director of the IFRF Research Station, who will detail the IFRF history on research in this field commencing with the Scaling 400 Series leading into the concept of the IFRF HEC programme in which the two major technical information gaps, the effect of the transient phenomena and systematic variation of furnace volume will be studied.

At this TOTeM, you will receive up-to-date information on the status of the new IFRF Excess Enthalpy Combustion Research Facility, its technical objectives and proposed programmes, the design and commissioning results, along with the first “base case” research results. This programme will include a visit to the IFRF Research Station to witness a demonstration of the facility.

Remember IFRF Member Organisations are contributing to this Research Programme through the IFRF Members Research Fund. This is a chance to see how your subscriptions are being spent and to influence future development in this programme.

Our aim here is to update the IFRF Individual Members fully with information presented directly by those of the IFRF International Scientific and Engineering team who have designed, commissioned or operated the facility.

Within the discussion sessions we aim to get feedback from our Individual Members on the value of the proposed follow-up programmes.

But we need to go further than that. We wish to explore the extent that this facility can be used for as wide a range of industries as possible. Consequently our Deputy Superintendent, Professor Hartmut Spliethoff will be fully involved in the discussion sessions.

All of these results will be incorporated into the conclusions session from which we wish to derive clear guidelines from our Members on how:

  • The new facility utilised to the maximum benefit of its sponsors which includes the IFRF;
  • The High Efficiency Combustion Research programme should be developed;
  • We can increase the interaction between our Members and the IFRF at IJmuiden;
  • We can co-operatively develop the IFRF ONLINE Handbook to meet the objectives of this theme.

The IJmuiden TOTeMs are being jointly organised by the IFRF Research Station and Communications Centre teams. Both meetings will be held in the conference room on premises of the IFRF Communication Centre in Velsen Noord, respectively on 18th and 19th March 2003.

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Editors Note:
* Originally TOTeM23 was described generically as “Combustion Trends in Iron, Steel and Non-Ferrous Metal Industries”. This title has been focussed to the one given above.