• IJmuiden TOTeM Cluster Update- 18th and 19th March 2003

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      Peter Roberts

Last Monday, we announced the completion of the Programme for TOTeM24 and the publication of all registration procedures in the IFRF Online Combustion-Centre,  Meeting Service Section, at the following Internet Location:


All new information, programme updates, registration procedures and so forth will be published at this site.

Today we publish an update on the TOTeM23. The Chairman of TOTeM 23 is Dr. Frank Fitzgerald – President British Flame and deals with

“Efficiency and Flexibility of Energy Use in the Iron and Steel Industry – Minimise Costs and CO2 emissions”*

Nico Thijssen, IFRF President and Director – Processes – Corus RD&T, has agreed to make the Keynote Presentation addressing the theme of “Increasing the efficiency and flexibility of energy use in the Iron and Steel Industry”

The sub-Topic “On-Site use of by-product gases” has proven to be of interest and we have planned two presentations, which will be confirmed shortly.

There has been considerable interest in the sub-Topic “Modern Applications for Regenerative Combustion with minimum environmental impact”, where we have three presentations from:

  • John Newby of North American Manufacturing,
  • Joachim Wünning of WS Inc and
  • Jacques DUGUÉ of Air Liquide.

This sub-Topic relates strongly with and leads into TOTeM24 which takes place the following day, Chaired by Dr Neil Fricker dealing with:

“Challenges in the Development of the IFRF High Efficiency Combustion Programme – The Excess Enthalpy Combustion Project”

Mr Toshiaki Hasegawa of Nippon Furnace KK has confirmed the title of his Keynote Lecture as: “Development on High Temperature Air Combustion in the field of regenerative combustion with minimum environmental impact”, clearly relating to the second sub-topic of the previous day as well as giving a strong background to the work of TOTeM24 itself.

TOTeM23 will also open the Poster and Exhibition Session which will open all through the two days at a location immediately adjacent to the auditorium. If you would like to make the results of your research know or to make your co-members aware of your products – then make a proposal to participate in this session.

The IJmuiden TOTeMs are being jointly organised by the IFRF Research Station and Communications Centre teams. Both meetings will be held in the conference room on premises of the IFRF Communication Centre in Velsen Noord, respectively on 18th and 19th March 2003.

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Editors Note:
* Originally TOTeM23 was described generically as “Combustion Trends in Iron, Steel and Non-Ferrous Metal Industries”. This title has been focused to the one given above.