• IJmuiden TOTeM Cluster – 18-19 March 2003 – Update

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      Peter Roberts

Today we publish the full programme for TOTeM23 – “Efficiency and Flexibility of Energy Use in Iron and Steel Industry – Minimise Costs and CO2 Emissions”. This programme will commence on 18th March 2003 and in addition to the series of Invited Lectures, will include the opening of the Poster and Exhibition Sessions which will run through the second day programme, TOTeM24, “Challenges in the Development of the IFRF High Efficiency Combustion Programme – The Excess Enthalpy Combustion project”.

These programmes contain important information in relation the Iron and Steel production sector as well as full progress details of the IFRF Members Research Programme – “HEC – Applications of Flameless Combustion Firing”. In TOTeM24 a demonstration of the new facility is planned.

Therefore to keep a check on your Membership fee, as well as to influence the future programmes of the IFRF – your research programmes –  Register now. Do not forget, you can also propose Posters and, those of you who are service providers, can provide an Exhibition of your new developments.

So the message is:  Register Now! Do not forget to book your hotel at the same time.