• III Liekkipäivä (Flame Day)

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III Liekkipäivä
31.1.2007 Espoo Finland

The Finnish Flame Research Committee (FFRC) organized a national event called Liekkipäivä (Flame Day) for the third time in Espoo 31st of January. This type of annual meeting has become a central part of the activities of the FFRC. At the
meeting all combustion or fuel conversion research funded by public funding in Finland is reviewed. This year the program consisted of over 20 combustion-related technical presentations given by both industrial and academic organisations. The presentations were divided in four sessions, and they gave a nice overview of the on-going combustion-related research in Finland. The presentations (part of them in English) given will be available shortly on the FFRC web-site: www.tut.fi/units/me/ener/IFRF/IFRF.html.

The number of Liekkipäivä participants has been growing constantly; this year 86 participants from 23 different organisations attended the event. Approximately one third of the participants came from the industry. The growing success of Liekkipäivä guarantees that the event will be organized again next year.

III Liekkipäivä: Mikko Hupa “IFRF today”