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Did you know that the #IFRF2018 Conference is just 16 weeks away? That’s 114 days, 2,736 hours…ok you get the picture. Well we just wanted to let you know that we have just secured another great sponsor.
Welcome to… Fives Group! Here’s a little introduction to them:

Fives is an industrial engineering group which designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrial players.

Fives has an extensive global presence with a network of over 100 operational units in nearly 30 countries.

With a strong legacy based upon the most renowned names of the market – ITAS, North American, Pillard and Stein, Fives is a recognised provider of outstanding combustion solutions at the heart of the customers’ performance.

Fives’ Combustion dedicated teams – nearly 1,000 people in Europe, Asia, and North America, offer their expertise to supply tailor-made solutions for key markets/applications.

  • Cement and minerals: equipment for rotary kilns and drying applications
  • Energy: equipment for boilers
  • Metals: equipment for steel, aluminium, copper, forging, heat treatment
  • Oil and Gas: petrochemical heaters, process equipment for refineries and oil & gas plants (flares, process burners)

Fives’ high-efficiency equipment, ultimate technologies and solutions help customers in exceeding their objectives in terms of energy consumption, polluting emission and improved production and quality.

Find out all you need to know about Fives here.

The #IFRF2018 Conference will be held in Sheffield, UK on the 30-31 May. View the programme outline and book your tickets here.