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IFRF is delighted to introduce a number of new Members who have recently joined the network.  In this issue we focus on both individuals and organisations who are newcomers to American Flame, Swedish Flame or the Associated Members Group.  

Organisations who have recently taken up IFRF membership via American Flame are Philadelphia based service providers NAO Inc. and Sage Environmental Consulting L.P.

New academic member at Swedish Flame is Umeå University.

Joining the IFRF’s Associated Members Group which caters for organisations and individuals outside of geographical areas served by a dedicated National Committee are Spanish Fundacion Ciudad de la Energia (CIUDEN), and academic member  Silesian University of Technology.

In an article which appeared in MNM 21 of 2012, we introduced readers to the new Individual Membership category which has been created specifically to enable independent professionals, retirees and students to benefit from IFRF Membership.  The new Membership category was launched on 1 January 2013.  Individuals who have already taken up this option include Don Corwin, Ashutosh Garg  and Melvin Zwillenberg, all of AFRC. To AMG we welcome a number of PhD students including Kevin Antoine from Belgium and Marie Creyx from Université de Valenciennes, France. A good number of other new registrations are being processed as MNM goes to press.

The public version of the entire IFRF Membership list, grouped by National Committee, is available for view in the ABOUT US area of the IFRF website at http://www.ifrf.net/organisation/index.html

IFRF Members who wish to locate and contact eachother may do so via the IFRF Exchange, IFRF’s private and secure virtual community.

For a detailed overview of the IFRF Membership Structure and the benefits associated with the various options, please refer to the above link on the IFRF website.