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IFRF is delighted to introduce a new Member, Helen Oy, who have recently joined the network via Finish Flame.

Helen Oy is one of the largest energy producers in Finland. Turnover of Helen was 819 million euros in 2014 and Helen has 1127 employees. Helen is municipality energy company totally owned by the Helsinki City.

Helen produces power and district heat and district cooling. Production of power was 7010 GWh in the year 2014. Production of district heat was 5865 GWh and production of district cooling was 130 GWh. Power is sold to whole Finland and heat and cooling to the Helsinki city area. Most of the production happens in the power plants in Helsinki in combined heat and power production. Helen also has shares in nuclear, hydro and wind production companies in Finland.

Helen has three power plants. Hanasaari and Salmisaari power plants are burning coal and Vuosaari power plant is burning natural gas. In the year 2014 Helen has started co-firing of coal and wood pellets in the coal power plants. Helen also has ten district heat boilers for peak production of heat in the winter. Peaking plants use coal, oil and natural gas as fuel. Total capacity for power production is 1021 MW and capacity for district heat production is 3550 MW.